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You not only like to be out in the woods, you like watching other hunters out in the woods taking shots at prey that you see only in your dreams. We get it. That’s why we stock a huge assortment of books, DVDs and CDs to satisfy your appetite for our great sport.

We also have plenty of DVDs with instruction on the skills that you want to master, skills like carbon arrow building, sight leveling, bow tuning and others. We even have the Outdoor Edge series on making sausage and jerky so that you can perfect that skill. (You can mail your samples to us anytime!)

We have an extensive line of reloading manuals for your further education, and our DVDs fill just about every niche out there, from those who love the Cold Steel Training series to aficionados of Drury’s Longbeard and Whitetail Madness sets.

We know that you love the Fair Chase series, too, so we have that available, as well as the outstanding Primos Mastering the Art of ____, which can take you from your first steps as an archer to an advanced level as you master the techniques presented.

And, no, we haven’t forgotten the Robinhood video series. We know that there are lots of fans for that great collection as well, and you can fill in the gaps on your shelf as you stock up on our site.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We wonder how many words a moving picture is worth. There’s nothing like video to make a point, as the explosion of YouTube has shown. Whether you want to master the fine points of archery or hunting for turkey, the art of waterfowling or string making, we have the book, DVD or CD for you.