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Whether you need to tenderize your kill before cooking it or just want to vacuum pack some fruit for your trip, we have all of the food processing equipment and books that you will need.

We have a nice line of meat tenderizers to get your meat ready for the next step: time well spent in one of the many smokers that we have for sale. We have a large selection of Bradley smokers and accessories, the name that you trust when it’s time to smoke your meat.

You can choose what flavor you want to have soak into your meat as you pick between our wide menu of smoker bisquettes, from apple to cherry, and pecan to Jim Beam. Your mouth starts watering just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

If you want to grind your meat, we have a couple of different models of meat grinders to do the job. As you prepare the meat on site or at home, keep it fresh with one of our FoodSaver bags and devices. Vacuum packaging was never so easy as it is with these handy tools.

If you need to slice your meat or dry it out, check out our food slicers and long line of dehydrators. We have books and cookbooks to guide you in this enjoyable process of turning fruit and meat into scrumptious snacks. We even have a nice variety of jerky spices to make sure that you love what you’re gnawing on in that tree stand for eight hours.

Whatever your food processing and preparation needs, we probably have what you want. Whether your specialty is ground turkey or smoked venison, squirrel jerky or dried apples, you can find what you are looking for here. You are also free to invite us for dinner when you’re done preparing the meal!