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Shop Hearing Protectors

Protect your eardrums and your sanity while shooting with our extensive inventory of hearing protectors. We have Caldwell electronic hearing protectors and Champion earmuffs. We also stock Elvex headsets that can enable you to listen to the radio while you fire—pick something the deer would like.

If you just want to stick plugs in your ears, we have plenty of those, too. The Pro Ears Passive Revo 26 earmuffs have drawn a lot of attention with their neon colors, from pink to yellow and green, as have the Radians Hunter’s Ears in their various camo designs. 

Stop the noise and calm your nerves—pick up a set of earmuffs or plugs.

We also have devices that work in the opposite direction, providing amplification so that you can hear sounds 100 feet away, just like that deer that you are hunting.