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Hunting Knives

After you make your kill, you need a great hunting knife to carve up the catch. Or, you might need a machete just to get to where you want to go in the woods. And, of course, you might need an entire variety of tools and an all in one knife.

Whatever your need in knives and accessories, we’ve got it. We have anticipated every situation in which you will need a sharp blade, and we have a huge stock of hunting knives and other tools in all shapes and sizes to help you in all of those scenarios.

If you like fixed blade knives, we have buck knives, sog fixed blade knives, Gerber knives and Kershaw knives. If you prefer folding and lock back knives, shop our buck knives and sog knives in that style.

Our multipurpose tools include the Gerber leatherman, the sog leatherman and several other examples of a multipurpose tool that can do just about anything other than fire the gun or release the arrow.

We also have fishing knives of all kinds for cutting up your trophy fish, including fishing filet knives, Gerber blades and Kershaw knives.

Of course, we have a long list of knife sharpeners to keep you ready at all times, including a Lansky sharpener, DMT sharpening equipment and other accessories to help you maintain your cutting edge.

When a knife won’t do the job, consider our large selection of axes, saws and shears, including CAS Hanwei, tomahawks and other larger weapons. You’ve probably already discovered that small axes come in handy often on your expeditions; pick one up so you’ll be ready for that next unexpected situation where an axe would have been the right tool for the job.

If a machete is more appropriate for what you need cut, order one of our cold steel machetes, Ka Bar machetes or other brands. For larger jobs, we carry a nice selection of spears and swords, too.

Keep your cutting instrument safe and clean in one of our handsome sheaths. We have machete sheaths, cold steel sheaths and Leatherman sheaths, as well as sheaths for standard knifes and multi-purpose tools.

If you need to cut something while hunting or fishing, we have numerous tools that can do the job. Save yourself time and energy and buy a high-quality cutting tool for your next outing and beyond.