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Marksmen who love muzzleloaders are a particular breed. They are hunters that are old school, men and women who like to do things the way people in the past did. We know that those who carry muzzleloaders are the type of people that participate in various sorts of re-enactments, who enjoy doing research on the weapons and wars of the past, and such curious and passionate people have driven the increasing demand for these throwback weapons.

We’ve tracked the upswing in manufacture of historic firearms, and we have been careful to keep plenty of muzzleloaders in stock for the diehards who love them and wouldn’t think of shooting with anything else.

If you love muzzleloaders and everything associated with the sport, we’ve got you covered. We have a huge selection of rifles to choose from, including CVA muzzleloaders and several models of what we consider a top muzzleloading rifle.

We also have the muzzleloader bullets and sabots that you need. You can browse through our wide selection of lead balls and 45 caliber, 50 caliber and 54 caliber bullets.

We know that wherever a muzzleloader goes, the equipment is sure to follow. We have all that you need to take care of your muzzleloading needs, including cleaning and lubrication supplies, breech plugs, ramrods, loaders, powder measure tools, nipples, patches and bullet starters. You can even find just the right powder flask to keep you well supplied at all times when in the woods or on the ancient battle site.

Many hunting seasons are extended just for you, Mr. Muzzleloader. Stock up on all that you need before getting into the hunt when the woods are a little less crowded and a lot more fun. We understand your passion, and we are here to fan its flame.

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